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A Rookie’s Guide to the NFL


If you and your clients would like to experience something a little different this autumn then why not join us for a taste of the all American dream. On the 22nd October the Arizona Cardinals will be playing the Los Angeles Rams and on the 29th October the Minnesota Vikings are taking on the Cleveland Browns – the National Football League (NFL) is coming to Twickenham and we have some fantastic hospitality packages.

If you didn’t grow up watching the NFL on Channel Four and the extent of your knowledge is what you’ve gleamed from blockbuster films like Jerry Maguire, then read on…

The NFL is a professional American Football league made up of 32 teams. The game is played on a 100 yard field split into twenty 5 yard sections with two additional 10 yard zones at either end. Two teams of 11 players aim to move the ball into the end zone to score a touch down… so far so good… here’s where it gets complicated!

Each team is comprised of squads of 53 players, of these only 46 players can ‘dress out’ for the actual game. Teams are allowed unlimited substitutions; which has resulted in the development of three “platoons” of players: the offense (who are trying to score), the defense (who are trying to prevent the other team from scoring) and the special teams (who play in kicking situations).

After kick-off the two teams battle to take possession of the ball. Once they have possession they need to move the ball 10 yards, and they have four ‘downs’ to achieve this. If they achieve this they win another set of four downs. After each play the officials determine how many yards the team has advanced (or lost). If a team doesn’t reach the 10 yard mark after three downs it can choose to ‘punt’ the ball back to the opposition so that they have to cover a greater distance in order to score. If they choose to use the fourth down, or ‘go for it’, they must reach the 10-yard mark or surrender the ball.



Scoring in American Football is similar to rugby but with different values. A touchdown is worth 6 points and is achieved when a player holding the ball crosses the opposing team’s goal line. Immediately following a touchdown, the scoring team can attempt to kick the ball between the goal posts for 1 extra point. The team can also run or pass the ball into the end zone for 2 points. This is seen as quite risky so doesn’t happen very often.

A field goal is worth 3 points and is scored when the ball is kicked between the goal posts and above the crossbar at the opponent’s end. Unlike rugby, points are also awarded if a ball becomes dead in it’s own end zone, this can happen if a player is either downed or goes out of bounds in the end zone while carrying the ball. This is called a ‘safety’ and is worth 2 points to the opposing team.

If you or you clients would like to find out more about our NFL hospitality packages, which includes access to an exclusive private box overlooking the pitch, champagne reception, a four course gourmet lunch, complimentary drinks, live music and exclusive guest appearances from NFL legends click on the links below: 

October 22nd: ARIZONA CARDINALS @ LOS ANGELES RAMS – Twickenham Stadium 

October 29th: MINNESOTA VIKINGS @ CLEVELAND BROWNS – Twickenham Stadium 




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