3 tips to help you sell successfully from home

Working from home has been an adjustment for all! Especially our team of hospitality experts who are still providing our clients with the best experiences for once lockdown is lifted and the world returns to a new normal.

Staying motivated with only virtual support from your team can be difficult. So we spoke to international speaker, sales expert and author, Tony Morris, to give you some tips on how to sell successfully from home.

1. Set 90 minute email check points

Time is the commodity that you have to manage. It is so easy to get interrupted by your flow of emails, so every 90 minutes check your emails and separate them into ‘Urgent’ or ‘To Do List’ which you place in a folder so you’re not constantly interrupted.

2. Create two bibles

The Product Bible
Give your sales team the knowledge they need to help them sell your products and services – think of everything they need to know and document it in a handy bible.

The Sales Bible
Any time your sales team learn anything new, document this in another bible and share this weekly.

Here’s a great article on how to write a sales guide for your company.

3. Set up a referral system

Create a spreadsheet for a referral system.

  1. Column A = all of your clients
  2. Column B = referral asked
  3. Column C = referral given

Ask you clients if there is someone like them, that you as a company may be able to help… and don’t be afraid to ask for an introduction.

Finally, remember to celebrate your successes no matter how big or small…

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