8 lockdown challenges that you can attempt at home

Social media has become a large part of lockdown! The numerous challenges that have been popping up across the channel have been keeping the world virtually entertained. We’ve taken a look at some of the challenges that these stars have attempted themselves.

1. See 10, Do 10

This push up challenge is fairly simple (if you can do a push up), do 10 push ups on camera, tag as many people to do the same and continue the trend. Here Jennifer Hudson pretty much fails her attempt.

But Justin Bieber nails it…

2. Toilet Roll Challenge

As the football season has been put on hold due to COVID-19, football stars all across the world have been challenging fans and each other to perform tricks with toilet roll (perhaps this is why the hoarding began – practice).

These challenges encourage fans to practise social distancing using the hashtag #stayathomechallenge. Here’s a compilation of sports stars successfully completing this keepy uppy challenge.

Football queen Liv Cookes also showed us all up…

3. #isolationgames

With the postponement of the Summer Olympics (or just Summer 2020 in general), Team GB created the #isolationgames to help raise awareness about coronavirus. There are some pretty spectacular videos that have been put together and shared across TikTok.

Snowboarder Aimee Fuller set her own garden challenge, which you can attempt to replicate:

4. Plank Challenge

An alteration of the up and down plank, this challenge sees pairs complete a plank routine to music. The routine is fairly simple to replicate, but strength and power is a necessity! As you can see here…

5. The Gesture Challenge

You’ll need quick reactions to complete this challenge. Replicating different hand gestures, to a beat it’s difficult to complete, but very satisfying once achieved.

To get the Gesture Challenge, head to I.M.Noel’s profile and follow the instructions on his highlight.

Choreographer Ashley Banjo has taken the challenge to the next level completing it with both hands

6. Picnic table Challenge

This balancing act needs to be performed in a pair! It’s easy enough to replicate – take a look at some of the attempts

7. Spartan Challenge

This ‘couples challenge’ certainly shows off your strength! Created by Spartan, this challenge sees one person attempt to climb over another… Take a look at rugby player Chris Robshaw’s strong attempt with his wife.

Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock also gave a pretty good attempt:

8. I’m a savage Challenge

There are several dance routines taking place on Tiktok – one that has gone viral is the Savage dance routine. Created by Keara Wilson, the dance has been repeated by girls and guys all over the world… including footballer Wayne Bridge in this hilarious attempt.

Which challenges have you successfully completed? #StayHomeStaySafe