Corinthian Sports proudly sponsors Corinthian
Casuals FC

Corinthian Sports are the brand new sponsors of the Corinthian-Casuals FC for the 2021-2022 season. Corinthian look forward to developing our relationship with this historic club and joining their fantastic community.

Corinthian-Casuals FC

Formed in 1939, the Corinthian-Casuals Football Club originated after two amateur teams bearing both names merged to create a big community of football enthusiasts. Their tagline is ‘Promoting Fair-Play, Sportsmanship, and the Corinthian Spirit since 1882’ and having visited the ground to support a match, Corinthian Sports can ascertain that the Corinthian-casuals live by this motto.

Based in Tolworth in London, the amateur club are currently member of the Isthmian League Premier Division, playing at King George’s Field weekly. View their upcoming fixture here. The atmosphere at the King George’s Field is always energetic, with fans attending to enjoy some good football, a few beers and chant about their legendary cheesy chips…

‘We’ve got four cheeses on our chips,
We’ve got four cheeses on our chips,
We’ve got four cheeses on our chips,
We’ve got the League’s best Cheesy Chips’

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Corinthian-casuals’ Brazilian supporters

Following an invite to tour Brazil in 1910, five railway workers were so inspired by the London-based Football Club they formed Sport Club Corinthians Paulista. As a result, Corinthian-casuals have a huge following in Brazil. In 1914, the team were heading out to a second Brazilian tour when the First World War broke out – they returned home to fight for their country and lost 105 members of the club (22 players and an estimated further 83 players and former members).

A century later, a poll held on the Corinthians Paulista website asked “Who would you like to see us play in a friendly?”, of the options Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Corinthian-Casuals. Surprisingly the Corinthian-Casuals club secured 61% of the vote and returned to tour once more, receiving a welcome from supporters chanting, shouting and dancing.

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How will our sponsorship help?

Sponsorship is vital to the Corinthian-Casuals, firstly it contributes by contributing to the actual running of the club. The Sponsorship Team at Corinthian Casuals club are entrusted with keeping this wonderful institution alive and “without external funding, it would be nigh on impossible to do so.” The Club will use our sponsorship investment to maintain the upkeep of the grounds, the infrastructure and most importantly to keep the Club open to players, fans and local community.

As a famously amateur club, Corinthian-Casuals do not pay player wages (unusual in a league where every other club does). They like to provide the best possible experience for players in absence of renumeration.

We’re as professional as any pro-club apart from paying players. James Bracken Our funding will go towards providing the best experience Corinthian-Casuals can give their team, providing such equipment as the following:

Investment in innovative training equipment: 

  • GPS Vests to monitor performance, SIS Gels and half time nutrition, Video Analysis
  • Trainer of the Month awards
  • Scouting Reports on Opposition
  • Training kit laundered
  • Fresh Towels Laundered
  • Changing Room renovations
  • Coaches to Away Games
  • Man of the Match Champagne
  • We are very proud that a spectator stand will be named The Corinthian Sports Stand.

The Corinthian history

The Corinthians were founded in 1882, the aim of the English team was to challenge Scotland at an international level.

England had suffered a series of losses against Scotland; Nicholas Lane “PA” Jackson, Assistant Honorable Secretary of the Football Association, recognized that Scotland’s advantage was being given more opportunities to play together as a team, whereas England only played together occasionally and suffered as a result.

The Corinthian FC gave the top players for the country opportunities to play regularly together against quality competition. The Corinthians challenged some of the top professional teams in the land! In 1889 they were the only club to defeat Preston North End’s ‘Old Invincibles’. Dedicated to amateurism, Corinthian FC became founder members of the Amateur Football Association in 1907 and donated a trophy, The Corinthian Cup, for a new competition among its members, which continues today as the AFA Senior Cup.


Corinthians hold the record for the biggest defeat of the most famous club in the World. In 1904, Corinthians defeated Manchester Utd 11-3.

The casuals history

The Casuals Football Club were formed in 1883, with their famous pink and chocolate shirts, believed to be the colours for the schools Charterhouse and Westminster. Membership to the football club was initially restricted to these schools.

Early on the Casuals were successful in their amateur game – they were runners up in the first Amateur Cup Final in 1894, founder members of the Isthmian League in 1905, the first holders of the A.F.A Senior Cup in 1907, and winners of the F.A. Amateur Cup in 1936. They were the chief supplier of players to Corinthian FC and many players were members of both clubs.

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