Corinthian Sports Ltd partners with Treedom to offset their carbon footprint at sporting events

Sports Hospitality provider Corinthian Sports Ltd have created their own forest with Treedom, the web platform that allows anyone to plant a tree in different countries across the world.

We are the first in the Corporate Sports Hospitality industry to participate in a sustainability initiative like this with Treedom, gifting our audience with dedicated trees planted in multiple countries around the world.

Code red for humanity

The 2021 IPCC report on the current climate crisis warned of irreversible damage for our planet and said we must all take action.

Gigantic wildfires have been spreading across the planet, due to intensely high summer temperatures – although it can’t be proven that these fires are a direct cause of our current climate, the extreme weather will contribute to the length and intensity of these wildfires.

The study has warned that more is still to come – increasingly extreme heatwaves, droughts and flooding, and key temperature limits will be broken over the next decade.

The report is a code red for humanity, said the UN Chief.

Having seen exponential growth over the last year, we recognise that we must be socially responsible, understand our environmental impact and operate in a way that enhances society and the environment.

By planting the Corinthian Forest, we are making a commitment to take action and provide the environmental, social and economic benefits our planet desperately needs.

Code red and the sports corporate hospitality industry

The seeds of the partnership were formed at the British Grand Prix this summer, when hosts who attended the Formula 1 weekend were given a tree as a sustainable gift to help offset the event’s carbon footprint.

Formula 1 has a current carbon footprint of approximately 256,000 tonnes during a race season, the equivalent to powering around 30,000 houses over the same period.

That being said, Formula 1 also has social benefits for the cities that host each Grand Prix and we want our clients to be able to enjoy this fantastic sporting event without culpability. We also recognize that as a company, we should ensure that we are contributing to offset the carbon footprint for the season in our own way.

By working with Treedom, this is our first step to helping green the planet.

“This is our first step to reducing our carbon footprint as a company and we are extremely excited to be able to start this journey with Treedom and our clients.

It is important that our clients are able to go out and enjoy the fantastic sporting events we are able to provide, but at the same time know that we are trying to better the planet.

Over time the Corinthian Forest will grow and our employees and clients will be able to witness that growth and the environmental impact it will have.”

Mark Hoskins, Managing Director, Corinthian Sports


In November, the UK, together with our partners Italy, will host an event many believe to be the world’s best last chance to get runaway climate change under control.

COP21 took place in Paris in 2015.

For the first time ever, something momentous happened: every country agreed to work together to limit global warmi

ng to well below 2 degrees and aim for 1.5 degrees, to adapt to the impacts of a changing climate and to make money available to deliver on these aims.

However, the commitments laid out in Paris did not come close to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees.

The window for achieving this is closing. The decade out to 2030 will be crucial.

In addition to taking action with Treedom, we have signed the SME Climate Commitment, supported by COP26 and the government. This commitment will help us achieve net zero emissions before 2050.

Our Corinthian Forest
  • 200 trees planted
  • Trees planted across 5 countries (Tanzania, Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, Madagascar)
  • – 46,200 KG of CO2 (equivalent to 241 trucks)

How it works
  • We provide each of your guests with a code to redeem a tree
  • Each guest will head to the Corinthian Forest and enter their code
  • Your guest will receive a tree in one of our forest locations
  • They can name their tree
  • Your guest will receive updates on their tree via email

Our goal

These initial 200 trees are the first step in our greener planet journey. Our aim is to plant enough trees to offset 500,000 KG of CO2 by 2025. Enough to offset carbon emissions for the winning team at the British Grand Prix 2025.

We also understand that a commitment to offset carbon is not the only way to remove emissions and that we can take action immediately as a business, this is why we have signed The SME Climate Commitment to halve our greenhouse gas emissions before 2030 and achieve net zero emissions before 2050. We will be disclosing our progress on a yearly basis with you our clients and the SME Climate committee.

About Treedom is the first website that allows anyone to plant a tree remotely and follow the story of the project in which it is planted. For full transparency, every tree is geolocated and photographed, with regular updates about the project posted in an online Tree Diary.

Since its foundation in Florence, Italy in 2010, Treedom has planted over 2 million trees with the support of more than 100,000 farmers across 17 countries, including Kenya, Colombia, Guatemala, and Cameroon. The trees bring environmental benefits (offsetting CO2 emissions, supporting biodiversity, combating soil erosion and deforestation), as well as social benefits (training, food security, empowerment and income). Thanks to this innovative social business model, Treedom received Certified B Corporation accreditation, welcomed into the network of companies that stand out for their high environmental and social performance.

Each tree has an online page, is geolocated and photographed, and can be given as a gift via message or email. These characteristics ensure that Treedom trees create a lasting bond between people, allowing companies to take action to protect the environment and the communities that inhabit it.

“We are delighted to be working with Corinthian Sports, and to be supporting their sustainability efforts. Together we are planting trees that not only have the potential to restore our planet and its future, but to also change lives.”

Anna Weston, Head of Development UK, Treedom

Our corporate hospitality packages

Don’t just gift your clients an incredible sporting experience, let them enjoy our incredible hospitality packages knowing that they are contributing to making the planet better.

Book your British Grand Prix with us and gift your guests a tree