Chestertons Polo in the Park is the only annual polo tournament to take place in the heart of London at Hurlingham Park. The largest polo event in Europe offers a completely different atmosphere for you to entertain clients, colleagues, family or friends in style.

You and your guests will watch from the edge of the pitch where our simplified rules of traditional polo make the spectacular action even more exhilarating for newcomers and aficionados alike;

• Smaller Polo Field: the action is never far away from the spectator
• Team Numbers: more chances to score with only three players on the pitch
• The Lanson Perfect Start: an exhilarating start and unique to our event
• 45 Yard Ring: goals scored from outside this line are worth double the points
• Changing Ends: more time played as teams only change ends at half time

Hurlingham Club, United Kingdom
June 2023

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