Keeping up Quarantine: Gareth Anscombe

We’ve enjoyed catching up with our Corinthian Club guest speakers over the last couple of months. In the last of our Keeping up Quarantine series, we speak to Welsh rugby player Gareth Anscombe. Gareth joined us at the Guinness Six Nations for 2020 (unable to join Wales due to a knee injury), one year after being named Guinness Man of the Match in Wales’s 25-7 Grand Slam-winning victory over Ireland.

1. Firstly, congratulations on the announcement that you are expecting your first child, how are plans going for the arrival already?

Thank you! We are both very excited to be adding to our family, we haven’t done anything yet apart from plan what needs to be done around the house. Its fair to say my summer will be kept pretty busy trying to get bits and bobs done around the house before the baby arrives.

2. How has lockdown been for you so far and what are you doing to keep yourself entertained?

The first few weeks were actually quite enjoyable, but like everyone the last couple of weeks have been a bit challenging. I’ve been pretty busy trying to keep rehabbing my knee so have managed to make a bit of a ghetto gym in the house to keep me going. I’ve always hated going to the supermarkets but now its turned into a highlight of my day.

3. What was your daily routine like before COVID-19?

Most training days I’m up by about 7am so I can get into training by 8.30am. While I’ve been injured my days have been quite a bit shorter than normal as there’s only so much training I can get done. I would usually get home for around 1ish and then go catch up with a few of the boys for a coffee. When I’m at home I usually spend the last part of the day icing my knee on the sofa!

4. Are you missing playing at the moment or enjoying the chance to relax and spend time with the family?

To be fair the first couple of months was nice to get away and “refresh” from the game but I’m now a long way past that. I’m 8 months post injury now and am really missing the game and the day-to-day training with the boys. I think when you retire its not so much the games you miss but more the camaraderie you have with all the boys in the changing rooms. That is something I’m missing the most and most looking forward to.

5. Have you been training and staying fit since you went into Isolation?

My rehab has still been pretty busy at home, I’ve managed to make a home gym to get most of my sessions done. I’ve found it hard to motivate myself at times just being in the house but eventually manage to get it done. The days I don’t train I notice mentally I struggle more than when I would if I had my routine with training so have found it definitely helps.

6. How much are you looking forward to starting with Ospreys once this has all blown over?

I’m really excited about pulling on a Ospreys jersey, its never nice starting out at a new club injured as you just want to prove yourself straight away. Its been tough watching this season when we have struggled as you feel like you could help in some way. There’s obviously some crazy things going on in the world at the moment but I think if anything it has also shown how important sport is to our everyday culture. The day it can return will be pretty exciting.

7. How are you keeping in touch with family, friends & teammates during isolation?

Mainly through WhatsApp and FaceTime, plus the odd Zoom call as well. We have managed to still have a few quizzes with our friends and team mates which have helped pass some time.

8. Are you watching any box sets at the moment? Any recommendations?

I’ve just finished Ozark and was a big fan, I’ve heard some good things about Money Heist on Netflix so think that’s my next watch.

9. How are your supplies doing at the moment?

We managed to get over to Tesco pretty early the other day and beat all the queues so we are stocked up at the moment! 

10. Lastly, what is the first thing you are going to do when we come out of Isolation?

I cant wait to play some golf, I haven’t played since my injury and am at a stage where I’ll be able to play now that courses are reopening. Once lockdown is lifted, I’m really looking forward to getting out on the course with a few of the boys.

Thank you Gareth, it was great to find out how you are keeping up!