Keeping up Quarantine: Jonathan Legard

In another Keeping up Quarantine, we speak to our regular event host, Jonathan Legard. Jonathan is a highly experienced broadcaster with more than thirty years in the sports industry – he also regularly comperes our sporting events. We check in to find out how he is keeping up during this unusual period…

1. How has Isolation been for you so far and what are you doing to keep yourself entertained?

Week one was fine. Sunshine, good cycle rides from west London through Hyde Park and down the Mall which was deserted. Week two became the week for stepping up training our new Doberman rescue in nearby streets and parks. Her barking was upsetting us as well as the neighbours! Week three – feeling more restricted – is focusing more on personal fitness – did my first online yoga class. Never thought I’d say that. But it was good. Catch-up TV and films in the evening. Trying to stay busy and positive with a routine and a purpose

2. What was your daily routine like before COVID-19?

I work from home anyway so sitting in front of a laptop or making calls outdoors in the garden is no big change.

3. Are you still writing & reporting during Isolation?

Work has dropped off massively. No live sport basically means no work. Media training has also gone quiet. But launching a new podcast ‘At The Controls’ – available on all usual podcast platforms – with F1 friend and colleague Mark Gallagher (ex Jordan and Jaguar Racing) is a welcome challenge. Instead of going out to meet guests we’re developing our online interview skills. We’ve produced two episodes so far, with an F1 thread running through both including David Coulthard in episode one. There’s a chance of another racing project getting the green light too.

4. Are you missing the outside world as we know it or enjoying the chance to relax and spend time with the family?

I’m not sure two university students and a sixth former are happy to spend so much time with their parents when they could be out enjoying themselves with friends, but so far we’re all still talking, sharing the cooking and the dog-walking with only few arguments to report. But it’s only week three. As for the outside world, there’s an eerie quiet on the streets which reminds you of the state we’re in – and to stay in.

5. Which event are you most excited about attending after Isolation?

I was looking forward to working at the Olympics in Tokyo in the summer so that’ll be a big draw in 2021 – assuming plans don’t change again.

6. What can we expect to see you working on once the world has got back to normality?

As well as football reporting I’m really looking forward to rugby’s Quilter Internationals at Twickenham Stadium. The 6 Nations events for Corinthian at Murrayfield and Twickenham with Nick Easter and Toby Flood were fantastic fun – lively crowds and great stories.

7. How are you keeping in touch with family & friends during isolation?

New WhatsApp groups are coming together almost daily. Lots of photos and memes doing the rounds. It was like a blizzard to begin with. It’s calmed down now. And where would we be without Zoom and Houseparty for quizzes and social nights? It’s more important than ever to keep in touch.

8. Are you watching any box sets at the moment? Any recommendations?

Was recommended Spooks which I missed first time round so trying that. So far, so good. Would recommend F1’s Driven to Survive: Season 2. And The Goes Wrong Show on iPlayer made us laugh. Slapstick and clever.

9. How is your supply of toilet rolls?

Never a problem. Avoided the panic buying and as expected supplies recovered from that nonsense and we’re all fine.

10. Lastly, what is the first thing you are going to do when we come out of Isolation?

Hug friends.

Thank you Jonathan! We’ll be taking a look at your show recommendations and looking forward to seeing you at the Quilter Internationals.