Keeping up Quarantine: Toby Flood

As we all adjust to this new quarantine lifestyle, more and more people are sharing their own experiences online! Whether it’s the latest at home workout on Instagram, the many challenges on TikTok, or the ‘how to’s’ on LinkedIn, everyone has been showing support and giving each other guidance across the internet.

We’ve been keeping in touch with our Corinthian ambassadors – so we thought we would check in to find out how they are keeping up during quarantine. Starting with Toby Flood, our resident guest speaker at Twickenham Stadium. Toby is a former England rugby player with 60 caps, he’s now back with Newcastle in the Premiership.

1. Toby, first of all, it has been announced that Newcastle will be back in the Premiership again next season. How does it feel knowing you’ll be competing in the top flight again for the Falcons?

Yes, pretty good news. I think common sense has prevailed. We had an 18 point lead, although Ealing did have a game in hand, but I think the fact we had not lost a game all year massively helped.

2. How have you been training and staying fit since you went into Quarantine?

To be honest, I’ve not been. We’ve been told to take our mandatory rest period now in the hope we can be back into preseason in the near future. Although that looks unlikely, but in a week or so I’ll have to drag my carcass off the sofa, and get back to running.

3. How do the Newcastle team stay in contact with each other and what do you talk about when you catch up?

Ah the boys have a WhatsApp group together, so the news was flying around there this morning. Also, there’s a few off shoots of that group so there’s other ways boys stay in contact. Some of the lads jumped on Houseparty, to catch up, but that seems way too socially advanced/cool for me!

4. Are you missing playing at the moment or enjoying the chance to relax and spend time with the family?

Really enjoying being here with the family. We’re lucky to have a garden, which is keeping us fairly sane, so most of our time has been spent out there! It does feel odd, and with everything going on, I think it’s just about locking down, keep ticking along, in the hope that when this passes, rugby, and more importantly normal life can crack on again.

5. What was your daily routine like before COVID-19?

6 days in a week training/playing. Around 8am starts and back home 3:30ish. So not the longest days, and nice to be back in time for the kids. I am missing a bit of routine though. My fear is that as I’m nearly 50 getting back started could be a killer, and the thought of another prolonged preseason is terrifying.

6. Are you watching any box sets at the moment? Any recommendations?

Absolutely no TV whatsoever. 3 kids under 4 years old has me non-stop. Basically, each day is to be woken up by the 3ft alarm clock, have breakfast, dig in until 7pm and then get to bed! Great fun all the same, but it’s keeping me active.

7. How is your supply of toilet rolls?

Not bad. Not too close yet to washing ourselves in the pond…

8. Lastly, what is the first thing you are going to do when we come out of Isolation?

It’ll be fear and a lack of sleep when the text from our conditioners will land, telling us we’re in Monday morning, running a bronco and fat club awaits those who miss their times… Can’t wait to be back…

Thank you Toby for your interview – we enjoyed finding out about how you’re keeping up in Quarantine!