5 reasons why corporate hospitality is now more important than ever before

The recent news that sporting events will not see crowds return from the proposed 1st October date has been devastating for the hospitality industry. With short-term plans on hold yet again, now is the time to be looking ahead to when we are able to safely attend sporting events with our clients, colleagues, friends and family. Whether it be to have something to look forward too, or to show your support of the severely impacted businesses, get your sporting events for 2021 booked in today!

If there’s one thing we’re good at here at Corinthian Sports, it’s planning memorable events in ultimate destinations further into the future.

We need to Excite, Engage and Energise our clients and employees, build confidence in the hospitality industry and ultimately support the economy.

Here are our top 5 reasons why corporate hospitality is more important post-coronavirus than ever before.

1. Thanking clients for their support

To quote one of our own clients “We need to shake hands with our clients again, they are our bread and butter”.

We’re all trying to support each other, be understanding of the current circumstances and continue to inject funds into the economy. So those clients who have stuck by you during this time should be appreciated and ultimately, thanked.

Showing your clients how much you value their loyalty to your business will only help strengthen relationships. It is far less expensive to retain your current clients, than to find and build relationships with new customers. Investing in your most valuable clients now, will pay off for years to come.

Competition will be rife as companies lose their own clients; they will be aggressively coming after your customer base. Do not risk giving them the opportunity to take business away from you.

And what better way to cement those relationships, than in an exhilarating surrounding watching top-class sporting action such as the Monaco Grand Prix from an exclusive yacht, or the races in a private box at Ascot Racecourse.

2. Rewarding employees that have stood by your business

The last 4 months would have seen a shift in your company culture, maybe morale is down, and there could be apprehension among your employees. Yet they continue to go the extra mile to ensure your business survives the pandemic.

Whether that be working from home with a house full of others, taking pay cuts or travelling in as a key worker in these unnerving times, they have been the back bone of your business!

Now is the time to show your appreciation for their hard work and continued support. What better way to show how much you value your work force, than by treating them to world-class hospitality at the Guinness Six Nations or getting them track-side for the British Grand Prix.

3. Providing the perfect networking occasion

If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend a sporting event in a hospitality facility, it’s certainly an impressive occasion and for most, a rare treat. One that not everyone will have the chance to experience. Imagine watching the Wimbledon Championships with a cocktail in hand, whilst a saxophonist plays some chill-out tunes.

Taking your prospects to these events will give you an impressive networking opportunity at an exciting and memorable event. With such a relaxed environment, you will be able to build on those develop on that professional bond and secure those precious business deals.

4. Supporting the hospitality industry

It’s not new news that the hospitality sector has been affected badly by COVID-19 – with sporting events cancelled for the entire summer, millions of workers have missed out on that income. Although furlough has provided some support, the Government will reduce it’s contribution at the end of October and businesses will have to contribute a proportion towards the new furlough structure.

Once this happens, redundancies may be unavoidable unless we, the public, show our willingness to start visiting these events (where it is safely possible). The hospitality industry needs to keep running – and the only way to do that is ensuring customer attendance.  All of the venues that we work with have been putting the steps in place to make sure that they are COVID-19 secure, following Government guidelines to make certain the public can return. Book today to show your support.

5. Incentivise and boost morale

In this climate, motivation may be lacking, what better way to boost morale then to use one of our ultimate sporting events as an incentive for your work force. Get yourself a private box at the prestigious Ascot Racecourse, for your team that smashes target – or host them on a table at the Guinness Six Nation, where they will enjoy a four-course meal and a fully complimentary bar and insight from ex-England Internationals.

Give your team something to be excited about and work that extra bit harder to achieve company goals!

    Our corporate hospitality packages

    Forget standing in the crowd trying to get a glimpse of the highly competitive sporting action. With Corinthian Sports you can offer your guests some of the best seats in the house at these world class events, along with premium hospitality, such as a fully complimentary bar, Michelin starred chefs, luxury gifts and a world class sporting experience like no other.

    If you’re looking to get your hospitality packages booked in for when sporting events return, we are taking bookings for Autumn 2020 onwards. Call 0203 816 1000 or email us to find out availability.