Tom Kerridge, Taittinger and a host of other 5* brands join us on our yacht for the Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix never fails to thrill – as the track twists and turns its way through the harbour, crowds come alive whilst cars whizz by. This prestigious race is the jewel of the F1 calendar and there is no better way to watch than from a luxurious 35m yacht.

Imagine sitting on the tri-deck of this beautiful yacht, sipping on Taittinger Champagne with premium views all of the action. To top it off, we have finalised our exclusive partnerships with the following 5* companies who will be servicing our yacht with their fantastic products.

Lush by Tom Kerridge

We’re extremely pleased to announce Tom Kerridge’s catering company Lush, by Tom Kerridge, have been confirmed to cater our luxury Monaco Grand Prix hospitality package! We’re very excited about this partnership and the quality of catering Tom and his team will bring to our yacht…

We sat down and spoke to Tom this week to ask him a few questions.

What can our clients expect from your menu in Monaco?
Clients can expect a standard of excellence that has been built on the foundation of the 2 Michelin star The Hand and Flowers and its rich vein of cooking techniques, and high-quality ingredients to give them a level of hospitality that is world class.

Why did you open your hospitality catering company Lush?
We build our business on organic growth of the wonderful people we have surrounded ourselves by. Lush’s Executive Chef Kieran Reilly has not only worked at senior level in The Hand and Flowers’ kitchen but also previously headed up the kitchens for one of the best Formula 1 teams for 5 years. So it was natural that we were to create this exciting event and hospitality business.

What’s the ingredient you couldn’t live without?
All dairy products, they offer such balance to dishes; offering richness, texture, taste, salt, and acidity.

Which driver will you be supporting during the F1 in Monaco this year?
It’s always wonderful when British drivers do well. I am a huge fan of Lewis Hamilton however the young up and coming, and incredibly talented Lando Norris is definitely one to watch.

Who is the most high profile person you’ve cooked for?
I have been very fortunate to cook at 10 Downing Street, so the Prime Minister at that time was definitely the most high profile. However, cooking George Clooney’s fish and chips was pretty cool.

The popular brand Taittinger will be bringing fine French Champagne to our yacht again for 2020. Enjoy this Champagne with its peach and acacia notes, whilst witnessing the speed of the F1 race. The citrus-fresh Champagne has a delicately honeyed palate – perfect for sipping in the sun on our yacht… a beautiful, elegant finish.

Franklin & Sons is an award-winning range of tonics, mixers and soft drinks, which were first introduced in 1886. Experience these tastes from around the world paired with some delicious Gins.

Franklin & Sons will be hosting their very own Gin bar aboard our luxury yacht at the Monaco Grand Prix. Their range will be paired with a number of delicious Gins including Caspyn, Portobello Road Gin, Tarquin’s Gin and many more.

Lanique is a liqueur spirit, made with Attar of rose – a pure rose essential oil. This ingredient gives the liqueur its unique taste. Combined with its 39% ABV strength, Lanique creates a fantastic one of a kind drink.

First discovered and enjoyed over 200 years, it was a drink that was cherished and enjoyed by the wealthy at their celebrations and grand balls.

The liqueur will be paired with our other partners – creating an exclusive Corinthian summer spritz menu on the yacht. We’re excited to have the spirit join us again for the Monaco Grand Prix!

Toast ale is an award-winning craft beer brewed with surplus fresh bread that would otherwise be wasted. As the first UK-produced beer made from discarded crusts and unsold loaves, its makers’ joke that it is the best thing since sliced bread. The ale will join us for the Monaco Grand Prix!

All profits go to charity, Feedback, which campaigns to end food waste. We’re extremely happy to have Toast join us with their delicious ales.

The small bag with a big flavour! Born on the streets of Mexico. Manomasa tortilla chips are flavour-punching and packed with real ingredients. A tasty gluten-free snack to take on your ventures around the harbour during the Monaco Grand Prix.

Expect flavours such as ‘Chipotle and Lime’, ‘Manchego and Green Olive’, ‘Green Lemon and Pink Peppercorn’ and ‘Sarrano Chilli and Yucatan Honey’.

It’s looking to be a fantastic event – find out more about what’s included in our exclusive package

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