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#getthatview with Corinthian Sports

If you have  never experienced true corporate hospitality, you may think of it as an overrated expensive nonsense. However, your clients may not have experienced hospitality either, and oh would they be wrong if that was their thought!

Corporate hospitality took a bit of a downturn in the recession, with companies needing to ensure their budgets were in line with the P&L sheets. Emerging from that mindset is a new dawn of corporate hospitality offerings. With a focus away from the one size fits all “jolly”, the tailoring of packages to a specific client sector is essential to ensure it is the aspirational experience that it should be.

Who Are Corinthians?
Corinthian Sports is a Corporate Hospitality company who understand your need to tailor your booking, and what you need to achieve from the outlay. We recommend that you give us a ring 2 to 3 months in advance and let us put together an enticing and suitable hospitality programme for you. With a lead-time of this length we can ensure every aspect is covered. You need to also ensure that you have the right people committing to the experience, organising a day at Lords for the Ashes 2015 is all well and good but if your guests are more inclined towards The British Grand Prix at Silverstone then it won’t impress nearly as much.

British Grand Prix- #getthatview

Want to get close to the action? With a Corporate hospitality package from Corinthian Sports you are a VIP for as long as we have you. The British Grand Prix at Silverstone is certainly a prime opportunity to show your petrol-head clients how you appreciate their investment into your business. You get the best views, Champagne reception, gourmet food, but most importantly the chance to spend time with your clients watching the action either from the terrace or the en bloc seating reserved just for you. To #getthatview simply contact our helpful team at https://www.corinthiansports.co.uk//events/british-grand-prix-silverstone-landing/

The Ashes 2015- #getthatview

If motorsport isn’t their idea of a good time, perhaps they are more tempted by The Investec Ashes Test Series 2015? The age old battle between England and Australia will rage once again this year starting at Lords Cricket ground, London – The Home of Cricket. With Lords sold out, the corporate hospitality offering doesn’t just include a complimentary bar, gourmet 4 course luncheon and official Match Programme, but enables you to #getthatview with prime Mound Stand seating that makes sure you are right in the action. Contact us quickly if you need to be part of it. https://www.corinthiansports.co.uk//events/ashes-2015/

Racing @ Ascot- #getthatview

If its glamour that will float your client’s boat, then why not entertain them at Royal Ascot for a day of prestigious horse racing. Each day has its own distinct personality, so we would be able to tailor your event to your clients more closely. As Royal Ascot is a highly prized event, the corporate hospitality always goes over and above the norm by supplying VIP hostess service, complimentary bar, including Champagne and gourmet luncheon, the race card and Racing newspapers also aid your guests in making their choices. We can’t guarantee an audience with the Queen but we know you will be enthralled with the individuality of our hospitality packages. To find out more, contact us https://www.corinthiansports.co.uk//events/racing-ascot-racecourse/

Rugby @ Twickenham- #getthatview

Friendly atmosphere and camaraderie, there is nothing like a game of Rugby at Twickenham for a day to remember. The Corporate Hospitality package for Twickenham provides guests with individually tailored packs, including the official souvenir programme, champagne reception and complimentary bar, official en-bloc seating and fantastic gourmet lunch, amongst other temptations. Whichever game you book for you will be treated to international prowess that befits the home of English Rugby. To find out more, contact us https://www.corinthiansports.co.uk//events/rugby-twickenham/

Contact us now to find out what we can offer you at Twickenham. https://www.corinthiansports.co.uk//events/categories/rugby-hospitality/
Corporate Hospitality Packages from Corinthian Sport are a fantastic way to reward loyalty, and cement relationships in your business. To find out what we can do to help you maximise your ROI in hospitality, contact us today. https://www.corinthiansports.co.uk//contact-us/