Keeping up Quarantine: Jolyon Palmer

Formula 1 commentator for BBC Radio 5-Live, Jolyon Palmer, is a regular guest speaker at our Corinthian Sports Grand Prix events. With our next face to face meeting not likely to be until 2021, we were keen to find out how he is Keeping up Quarantine…

1. How has Isolation been for you so far and what are you doing to keep yourself entertained?
I’ve been lucky to be isolating with my family in the countryside, so it’s been nice to catch up with them and spend more time together than we normally would in a year. Aside from that I’ve been heavily into my fitness and reading.

2. What was your daily routine like before COVID-19?
Normally I would be very busy travelling the world – with Formula 1 scheduled to have its busiest ever calendar this year. I’d be commentating on all the sessions every weekend, as well as working the following week on analysis. The reality is a stark contrast!

3. Are you missing the outside world as we know it or enjoying the chance to relax and spend time with the family?
I’m missing spending time with my friends and I’m definitely missing all sport right now, not just Formula 1. But I’m also enjoying the time I am spending with my family, as well as the low paced nature of life at the moment. I’m looking more at the positives!

4. What can we expect to see you working on once the world gets back to normality?
5 Live commentary for the BBC on all Formula 1 races as well as written columns for the website and analysis work with Formula 1 as well. When that will be for Formula 1, who knows!

5. What are your thoughts on the F1 season for this year and how do you think it is affecting the teams and drivers?
I was very excited for the season ahead because it looked like we could see Max Verstappen in a potentially championship challenging position with Red Bull. With nearly half of the races cancelled already and many others postponed and hoping for Autumn or Winter slots I think we will see a shortened season with races coming thick and fast once we are able to, (hopefully) in 2020. For the teams the financial burden will be tough right now with little income, much like many other businesses worldwide. For the drivers the challenge will be staying fit and sharp with such a long break since the last race – last November.

6. Which Grand Prix are you most looking forward to seeing once the season eventually starts?
Normally I’d say Melbourne, Monaco or Silverstone, but right now just the first one! Whichever it is, whenever it is! Right now any racing this season will be exciting!

7. How are you keeping in touch with family & friends during isolation?
The same as a lot of people, by using FaceTime or Zoom for calls and group chats.

8. Are you watching any box sets at the moment? Any recommendations?
I’ve dipped in and out of a bit of Gavin and Stacey for easy going humour, but to be honest I’ve been reading more than watching box sets. I’d recommend I Am Pilgrim for any readers out there. It’s one of my favourites but also has an eerie relevance to what we are going through.

9. How is your supply of toilet rolls?
I survived the early scurry and I haven’t run out yet!

10. Lastly, what is the first thing you are going to do when we come out of Isolation?
See my girlfriend in the flesh rather than just on FaceTime!

Thank you Jolyon, we hope to see you at a Formula 1 some time soon…