Keeping up Quarantine: Nick Easter

In another Keeping up Quarantine, we speak to our regular event host, Jonathan Legard. Jonathan is a highly experienced broadcaster with more than thirty years in the sports industry – he also regularly comperes our sporting events. We check in to find out how he is keeping up during this unusual period…

1. How has Isolation been for you so far and what are you doing to keep yourself entertained?

Well like the rest of the nation a lot of work has been cancelled but you have to find ways to create other opportunities. Time is the limiting factor as its full-on daddy day care for 4 days of the week as the wife is in her busiest period with work and the nanny distancing. When I can I am helping my local butcher with deliveries and signed up to the NHS voluntary telephone support.

2. Have you been training and staying fit since you went into Isolation?

Yes, I go for about 3 runs a week, varying each one up and do various bodyweight workouts and tug of war comps with my rottweiler. Training wise what I miss is the low rep strength exercises like squats or deadlift as I don’t have a home gym (I missed the gravy train the current pros earn nowadays and I also played the game for love). It goes without saying the biggest absence is the golf and other sport.

3. Are you missing the outside world as we know it or enjoying the chance to relax and spend time with the family?

I have been lucky to have had a good family/work balance so far but I certainly miss the buzz and daily challenges that work and socialising gives me. A lot of my WhatsApp groups are having house parties via the app or zoom catch ups/beers just to keep a bit of sanity and have some fun. It’s the same for everyone and we have to discipline ourselves to do our bit in beating the invisible enemy.

4. Can we expect to see you back coaching once the world gets back to normal?

I certainly hope so. I think the landscape for rugby will change on the back of what we are experiencing. A lot of aspects of the way the game is run clearly aren’t working and the current situation has spelt it out to some who had their head in the sand or were driven by power or money.

5. What are your thoughts on Newcastle being promoted back to the Premiership and what do you think we can expect from them next season?

Deservedly so. Easy decision given they have won all their games up to this point. Next season will be hard for them as they will arguably be one of the only teams in the premiership not spending up to the cap, in fact they won’t even be close to the cap which may well mean they will have to pick and choose their games and wrap their best players in cotton wool for the rest. Dean Richards is a brilliant Director of Rugby and they will need all his experience to be a success next year.

6. What was your daily routine like before COVID-19?

In town for the front end of the week then consultancy/media work during some later days and weekends.

7. Are you watching any box sets at the moment? Any recommendations?

Surprisingly the wife and I haven’t got into one yet but I am trying to tempt her into Ozark and Tiger King currently. One I would recommend which we finished before the lockdown is The Tunnel with Stephen Dillane on Now TV. Well paced, plenty of shock and suspense and brilliantly acted.

8. How is your supply of toilet rolls? Can you take on the toilet roll kick up challenge?

Not sure what all that manic fuss was about, use the shower head if you run out and there are plenty of other necessity items that would be needed if we did run out of supplies. Always up for a challenge!

9. Lastly, what is the first thing you are going to do when we come out of Isolation?

Depends what time it is announced. But I suppose book a babysitter for the evening and following day then me and the wife have a monster night out with our mates starting at a nice restaurant then get a take away curry for the hangover the following evening. If it was announced too late to head out then book some golf in before the night out.

Thank you Nick for your insightful interview – we enjoyed reading this in the Corinthian virtual office and we will be interested to see how rugby (and other sports) differ after lockdown.