The Ultimate Guide to: The Formula 1 British Grand Prix

Be in the know for the British Grand Prix with our ultimate guide. This guide includes everything you need for a memorable Formula 1 experience at Silverstone Circuit.

November 1, 2023

In the electrifying world of Formula 1, the pinnacle of speed, precision, and excitement converge at the iconic Silverstone Circuit during the British Grand Prix.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the exhilaration of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, highlighting unforgettable moments, prime viewing spots, and what makes this circuit truly extraordinary. We’ll also provide a visitor’s guide to the British Grand Prix, including recommendations for accommodations, transportation, and experiences.

Attending the British Grand Prix at Silverstone offers more than just a racing spectacle; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in one of Formula 1’s most popular race weekends.

Silverstone Circuit: One of Formula 1’s Most Cherished Circuits

The Silverstone Circuit, nestled in the heart of the United Kingdom, is far from your typical racetrack. It stands as a true gem within the world of motorsports, renowned for its rich history and thrilling challenges. This circuit is a symbol of tradition and speed, and it proudly holds the distinction of being the third-longest Formula 1 circuit on the current calendar.

With a staggering capacity of 103,000 grandstand seats, Silverstone invites spectators to witness the adrenaline-fueled spectacle of Formula 1 in grand style. What sets Silverstone apart is not just its length but the sheer velocity it offers. This circuit is one of the fastest on the Formula 1 calendar, with cars hurtling down its straights at top speeds reaching up to a blistering 319 kilometres per hour.


Silverstone isn’t just a racetrack; it’s a hallowed ground for motorsports enthusiasts. Alongside iconic circuits like Monaco, Monza, and Spa, it stands as one of the most cherished and traditional venues that Formula 1 visits each year. Steeped in history, the Silverstone Circuit combines the essence of speed with the allure of tradition, making it a must-visit destination for every motorsport enthusiast.

Top 5 Moments from the British GP

The British Grand Prix has etched its name in Formula 1 history with some truly unforgettable moments. It was here that the first ever Formula 1 race was held in 1950 and also the stage for the legendary Ayrton Senna’s first Grand Prix victory (1988)! Here are our top 5 incredible moments from the British Grand Prix:

  1. The First-Ever Formula 1 Race (1950)

    BGP-First-Formula-1-Race-1950In 1950, Silverstone hosted the inaugural Formula 1 World Championship race, which marked the birth of the Formula 1 World Championship. Since then, Silverstone has cemented itself in Formula 1 folklore and will be mentioned in the same breath as the Monaco Grand Prix, the Belgian Grand Prix due to its impact on the history of F1 itself.

    For the record, Giuseppe Farina won the first-ever British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Luckily, it was before Jim Clark’s legendary Formula 1 World Championship reign began…

  2. Michael Schumacher – The Birth of the ‘Rain Master’ (1998)

    BGP-Michael-Schumacher-1998Etched in Formula 1 history as one of the best performances of all time, Michael Schumacher’s British Grand Prix victory in 1998 was nothing short of spectacular.

    Starting from fourth on the grid, Schumacher displayed his exceptional skill and adaptability as he weaved through the challenging conditions caused by heavy rain. With each lap, he gained ground on the leaders, overtaking Mika Häkkinen and David Coulthard in the closing stages to secure a remarkable victory. This iconic win not only showcased Schumacher’s wet-weather prowess but also his unwavering determination, making it a standout moment in his legendary Formula 1 career.

  3. Lewis Hamilton’s Victory with a Puncture (2020)

    BGP-Lewis-Hamilton-Puncture-2020At the 2020 British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton’s remarkable victory was secured despite a punctured front-left tire on the final lap.

    Racing at Silverstone, his home circuit, Hamilton skillfully nursed his damaged tire across the finish line, showcasing his composure and racing prowess under immense pressure. This iconic moment underlined Hamilton’s resilience and is etched in Silverstone’s Formula 1 history.

  4. Like Father, Like Son – Damon Hill’s Emotional Silverstone Win (1994)

    BGP-Damon-Hill-Silverstone-1994Damon Hill’s emotional victory at the 1994 British Grand Prix, held at Silverstone, was a poignant moment in Formula 1. As the son of racing legend Graham Hill, Damon’s win carried added significance, marking his emergence as a top driver after coming close to victory before.

    Furthermore, this race occurred in the shadow of Ayrton Senna’s tragic death earlier that year, making Hill’s win a symbol of hope and healing for the sport and its fans. The emotional scenes and cheers from the British crowd made it a profound moment in Formula 1 history.

  5. Hamilton and Verstappen Collide (2021)

    BGP-Hamilton-Verstappen-CrashIn the 2021 British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen had a dramatic collision at Silverstone’s Copse Corner on the opening lap. Verstappen, the championship rival, crashed out of the race after the contact, while Hamilton continued to win the Grand Prix amidst intense debate over fault and penalties.

    This incident heightened the already intense rivalry between the two drivers and was a defining moment of the 2021 Formula 1 season.

British GP Records

  • British Grand Prix Wins: Lewis Hamilton holds the record for the most wins at the British Grand Prix, with an impressive seven victories
  • Fastest Lap at the British Grand Prix: Max Verstappen set the fastest lap record at Silverstone Circuit with a time of 1:27.097 during the 2020 British GP
  • Fastest Pit Stop in British Grand Prix: Red Bull Racing holds the record for the fastest pit stop at the British Grand Prix, with an incredible 1.91 seconds in 2019

Where to Watch the British Grand Prix

For those planning to experience the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, this iconic circuit provides a range of excellent vantage points. Whether you seek the thrill of the grandstands, the indulgence of the hospitality suites, the picturesque views from various corners of the track, or a family-friendly atmosphere within the circuit grounds, Silverstone offers diverse options to cater to various Formula 1 viewing preferences:

The Pegasus Lounge, The Ultimate Hospitality Experience at Silverstone


For a truly unmatched British Grand Prix experience, the Pegasus Lounge at Silverstone is in a league of its own. Offering premium grandstand seating with exceptional views of six iconic corners and a private balcony overlooking Copse Corner, it’s a haven for motorsport enthusiasts.

The lounge is also a magnet for Formula 1 personalities, where fans can rub shoulders with figures like Karun Chandhok, Martin Brundle, Juan Pablo Montoya, and more. Additionally, guests can enjoy racing simulations by Corinthian Sports, managed by the Williams Racing e-Sports team, and even try their hand at changing F1 tires. For the ultimate British Grand Prix adventure, the Pegasus Lounge with Corinthian Sports is the ultimate choice.

Becketts Grandstand


The Becketts Grandstand provides an exceptional view of the circuit’s iconic Turn 7, also known as the “Hilton Double.” This is a popular spot to watch the race, as it offers an exciting perspective on the cars navigating a tight chicane.

International Pits Straight


The International Pits Straight provides a stunning view of the pit lane, with a chance to view directly into the garages of some of F1’s biggest teams including Red Bull Racing, Mercedes etc. This vantage point is perfect for capturing the action of the circuit and the thrilling races that unfold.

Abbey Grandstand


The Abbey Grandstand is strategically situated near Silverstone’s iconic Abbey Corner, providing a prime vantage point to witness the action as Formula 1 cars negotiate this high-speed section of the circuit. This is where thrilling moments, including daring overtakes and high-speed maneuvers, often unfold, adding to the excitement of the race.

Celebrities & Royal Attendees

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone Circuit has gained a reputation for drawing a star-studded array of celebrities from around the globe. Every year, this prestigious event welcomes actors, musicians, athletes, and prominent figures who relish the exhilarating races and vibrant entertainment.


The magnetism of Formula 1, set against the iconic backdrop of Silverstone, makes it a celebrity hotspot, enhancing the race’s vibrant and A-list ambience. From Hollywood legends to international music sensations, the British Grand Prix at Silverstone showcases talent both on and off the track, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for all attendees.

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone has enjoyed royal patronage over the years, with notable attendees including Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry, and Prince Michael of Kent. Their presence underscores the event’s significance in British culture and the enduring appeal of Formula 1 to a wide-ranging audience.

After-Race Concerts and Parties

With headline acts such as Stormzy, Pete Tong and Rudimental already confirmed for the 2024 after-race concert performance at Silverstone Circuit, it is the perfect way to cap off a memorable British Grand Prix weekend. Each year, following the excitement of Formula 1, Silverstone transforms into a music enthusiast’s paradise. World-renowned artists and bands take to the stage, drawing in crowds from around the world.


These concerts have featured a diverse range of musical genres, from pop and rock to electronic dance music and hip-hop. The spacious, festival-like area of Silverstone Circuit, combined with its state-of-the-art facilities, offers a fantastic atmosphere for fans to unwind and enjoy electrifying performances. It’s a perfect blend of high-speed racing action during the day and unforgettable musical experiences under the summer skies at the British GP, making the after-race concerts at Silverstone Circuit an essential part of the overall Formula 1 experience.

The Mahiki Experience

The Mahiki Lounge at Silverstone has become popular for its exclusive and luxurious atmosphere, live entertainment, celebrity sightings, gourmet cuisine, and prime race viewing. It offers a unique and upscale experience for Grand Prix enthusiasts, making it a sought-after destination during the British Grand Prix.


Why not pair up a Pegasus Lounge hospitality experience at the British Grand Prix with an After-Race experience in the Mahiki Lounge?

Top 5 Places to Visit in Silverstone After the F1

Beyond the race track, Silverstone offers a wealth of unique and fun experiences. Whether it be a trip to the Silverstone Interactive Museum to learn more about the history of Silverstone Circuit, exploring the surrounding Northamptonshire countryside or even visiting the ancestral home of George Washington (yes, you read that correctly) there’s plenty more happening in Silverstone other than the British Grand Prix!

  1. Silverstone Interactive Museum (if the on-track action wasn’t enough): Silverstone Interactive Museum provides an immersive experience into the world of motorsports and the history of Silverstone Circuit. It’s a great place to learn about the evolution of Formula 1 and the British Grand Prix.
  2. Drive into Action at Silverstone Golf Club: If you’re a golfer, the Silverstone Golf Club offers a beautiful course and a relaxing way to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle surrounding Silverstone Circuit during the weekend of the British Grand Prix.
  3. Sulgrave Manor: The Ancestral Home of the First President of the United States! – A short drive from Silverstone, Sulgrave Manor is the ancestral home of George Washington, the first President of the United States. It’s a historic site with ties to American history.
  4. Explore the Northamptonshire Countryside: The surrounding Northamptonshire countryside offers beautiful walking and hiking opportunities. The tranquillity of the countryside can be a pleasant contrast to the high-octane atmosphere of the racetrack.
  5. Bletchley Park: The Central Site for Britain’s World War II Codebreakers – Located in nearby Milton Keynes, Bletchley Park is a historic site with a fascinating history. It was the central site for British codebreakers during World War II and played a crucial role in intelligence efforts.

Silverstone Circuit: Public Transport

Getting to Silverstone Circuit is hassle-free with several popular train stations where transportation options are accessible. The primary train stations for accessing Silverstone include:

  • Northampton: Northampton Railway Station is one of the main transport hubs for Silverstone Circuit. From here, shuttle buses or taxi services are often available during race events to take visitors directly to the circuit.
  • Milton Keynes: Milton Keynes Central Railway Station is another option, with train services to Silverstone during major race weekends. Shuttle buses and taxis are commonly provided to complete the journey.
  • Banbury: Banbury Railway Station is located to the south of Silverstone, and it also serves as a transportation point with buses or taxi services connecting visitors to the circuit.
  • Bicester: Bicester Village Railway Station is situated to the southeast of Silverstone. Shuttle buses or taxis are typically arranged to transport racegoers to the circuit.

Taxis are readily available and can take you directly to the circuit. Popular taxi services include Royal Silverstone Taxis, Silverstone Executive Cars and Cab 365. Additionally, Silverstone has plenty of other transport options to ensure a hassle-free experience across the circuit – which includes a public bus service by Stagecoach, providing transportation from Silverstone Circuit to some of the popular surrounding train stations.

Please note that transportation options and services can change over time, so it’s essential to verify the most up-to-date information and schedules closer to the date of the British Grand Prix. Enjoy the race from your chosen vantage point, and explore the area of Silverstone during the British Grand Prix weekend!

Our Top 5 Picks for a Luxury Stay at Silverstone

For a luxury stay at Silverstone, consider these hotels, each offering a unique experience:

  1. Whittlebury Park: Located very close to Silverstone Circuit, Whittlebury Park offers a range of accommodations, including a hotel and spa. It’s a popular choice for Grand Prix visitors due to its proximity and excellent facilities.
  2. Silverstone Golf Club & Hotel: This hotel is situated right on Silverstone Golf Course and provides a tranquil stay while being near the circuit.
  3. Hilton Garden Inn Hotel: The most luxurious hotel stay for the Grand Prix. Located directly in the vicinities of Silverstone Circuit, the Hilton Garden Inn offers a comfortable stay with easy access to Silverstone.
  4. Mercure Milton Keynes Abbey Hill Hotel: Situated in nearby Milton Keynes, this hotel provides a comfortable stay and is within a reasonable driving distance to Silverstone.
  5. The Granary at Fawsley: A historic hotel located a bit further away but offering a peaceful and picturesque setting in the countryside.

An Unforgettable British Grand Prix Experience Awaits!

Silverstone, a captivating gem in the United Kingdom, is a destination where motorsport, culture, and history seamlessly come together. Its iconic circuit, charming countryside, and electric atmosphere make it a place like no other. At the heart of this extraordinary location stands the British Grand Prix, the pinnacle of Formula 1 excellence and an annual event that steals the spotlight.

As you gear up to explore Silverstone’s many attractions, don’t miss the chance to experience the British Grand Prix with Corinthian Sports, where world-class racing converges with the grandeur of this remarkable circuit. It’s an opportunity to witness the best drivers in the world while immersing yourself in the spirited ambience that defines Silverstone. Join Corinthian Sports in celebrating this incredible motorsport destination and create memories that will endure for a lifetime.

Interested in attending the Formula 1 British Grand Prix? Enquire today to avoid disappointment!

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